Программа показов в Северооонежском Социально-досуговом Центре

«Ночь фестивального кино»
в Северооонежском Социально-досуговом Центре
г. Североонежск, 2-й микрорайон, 13
Старт — 6 декабря. Вход свободный!

Фильм представят актеры Елена Сусанина и Валерий Маслов

18:30 Художественный фильм «Керосин»
2019 /Россия/Драма/77 мин./12+/Режисер Юсуп Разыков
D.Dondurey Film Critics Guild Award from Kinotavr-2019 FF

An elderly widow (Elena Susanina) lives in a remote place. She doesn’t often get to see her daughter and grand-daughter and wants to fill the void by getting a pig. Her biggest dream, however, is kerosene in her house. Divided into chapters like a book, this fable by Yusup Razykov shows the woman getting herself, slowly, into a living hell. First her pigs die, then people. The thing is not that she’s a Melisandre of the Game of Thrones or, worse, a Mrs. Tremond of Twin Peaks (although the presence of Black of Lodge is almost palpable), but rather that life before and after kerosene is two different things. Things start happening for her once she gets the firewater, but at a costly price. As known, success doesn’t come without sacrifice.

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