Regulation Ifor the 3nd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN


Hosted by the city of Arkhangelsk, the 3rd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN (hereinafter, ‘the Film Festival’) is an extended, competitive presentation of the films pre-shortlisted by its selection panel.

The main participating countries include Russia, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and USA.



The Film Festival sees its mission as presenting the recent films made in the Arctic countries; supporting the creative endeavors being pursued by full-fledged and beginner filmmakers in the eight Arctic countries, each boasting a unique film culture; promoting the documentaries, large screen and short films by Nordic directors; enhancing the status of the film art among Arkhangelsk audiences; and creating, among other things, regional networks of film clubs and societies.

The 3rd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN is the recipient of the RF Presidential Grants 2019 award.



The 3rd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN will be hosted by the city of Arkhangelsk from December 4 to 8, 2019. Its main office is housed by BEREGINYA Pomor Culture Foundation, 5 Pomorskaya St., office 405, 163000 Arkhangelsk.



The body in charge of the procedures to regulate the presentation of the films consists of Film Festival’s general producer, chief director, and program director.



ARCTIC OPEN’s program is stage-wise:

Stage 1 involves preparations and delivery of the Film Festival;

Stage 2 is designed to echo the films shown as part of the Arctic Open in the province of Arkhangelsk and to host a series of post-festival events.

ARCTIC OPEN’s program encompasses:

− the competition for the best feature length film;

− the competition for the best short feature film;

− the competition for the best documentary;

− out-of-competition showing of releases from the member countries of the Arctic Council;

− special showings, info films, retrospective shows, Festival Films Night;

− 2nd Arctic Films Pitching;

− hands-on workshop to stimulate film clubs movement in the Russian part of the Arctic region and in North-Western Russia;

− media forum, an event to be participated by members of the Arctic Media Association, Russian Journalists Association and research community to join efforts towards better informational support for Arctic-related issues;

- “Mobile Cinema” Workshop;

− international lab “Film Story Through Dance”;

− oundtables, exhibitions, presentations, press conferences; and

− entertainment program.



To apply for the participation in the Film Festival, please fill out the form available at: and send to the link to watch oe download the film

All Russian films submitted for preview by the shortlisting panel must have English subtitles, and all international releases must have Russian subtitles. All applications are free of charge.

The Film Festival accepts documentaries, full length feature films (duration: max.90 mins) and short films (duration: max.30 mins) made during 2018 or 2019. The shortlisted films should be presented in DCP format.



Competitors are requested to provide links to their films before October 10, 2019. Films submitted after 10, 2019 will not be considered.

The official deadline for ARCTIC OPEN participation applications is October 10, 2019.



The body responsible for shortlisting the films is the shortlisting panel. The shortlisting panel reserves its right to withhold comments or explanations as to reasons for rejection.

The shortlisted films will be announced on October 25, 2019.



A submission can be nominated only in one category. One and the same film may not appear in several nominated categories. All films submitted will be viewed by the shortlisting panel consisting of three members. The shortlisted films will be announced on October 10, 2019. The list of competitors and their films will be posted on our website.
The documentation package to go with each of the shortlisted films includes:

- filled out application form, duly signed (and stamped if available);

- materials for including into Film Festival catalog (synopsis in Russian and English; film director’s bio and filmography; film director's photo; stills/film frames featuring main characters), close-ups are preferable;

- editorial script or dialog continuity in English and Russian;

- link to teaser, trailer/compilation;

- film with English subtitles (films by international filmmakers must have Russian subtitles);

- materials for the Film Festival’s webpage (press release, stills/film frames/photos and pictures of main characters, preferably close-ups).

The application form is a requirement of ARCTIC OPEN’s Regulations. It is obligatory that you fill it out. In the event you fail to provide a fully completed application or provide an application that contains errors, or if you fail to observe the deadline for submission of still/film frames, or if your film is unsubtitled, the Film Festival will not be liable for any incorrect or incomplete film details that may appear on the Film Festival’s info/promo materials.

All films shortlisted for the official selection should send, to the Film Festival’s address given below, the above listed documents, info and promo materials indicated in the Application. All demo versions must be in original language and have English subtitles (or Russian for international submissions).



The Film Festival will not accept films that
- contain images or information prohibited for distribution by RF laws, or contain obscene words;
- have been denied distribution certificates on grounds specified in sub-para."б" - "г", para.18 of the Distribution Rules as endorsed by RF Government Resolution N 143 “Concerning the Rules for Issuance and Withdrawal of Film Distribution Certificates and the Regulations on Maintaining the National Film Register” dd. 27 February 2016, or whose distribution certificates have been withdrawn on grounds outlined in sub-para. "д", para.20 of the Rules for Issuance and Withdrawal of Film Distribution Certificates.



Films submitted for viewing and shortlisted for the official selection must not contain advertisements or promotional materials.

The deadline for submitting the shortlisted films to the Film Festival is December 1, 2019. The transportation of the films to and from the screening venues is the responsibility of the Film Festival.

The selected film should be collected from the Film Festival on December 10, 2019 at the latest. The Film Festival will not be responsible for safe keeping of the copies after December 10, 2019.

In extraordinary circumstances, owners are allowed to deliver their film copies to the Film Festival in person, in which case the delivery process and safe keeping of films will be their sole responsibility and the films must be provided at least two (2) days prior to the official showing date.



All films shortlisted for any of the Film Festival’s selections, including the official one, may be shown the maximum of four (4) times without the prior written consent from the film producer or their authorized representative.

Regardless of owner of film distribution rights, all films on ARCTIC OPEN’s official selection will form part of any of the post-festival events including showings as may be scheduled in Arkhangelsk Province until April 30, 2020.



All films on the Film Festival’s official selection will be judged by three jury panels (one for full length feature films, one for short feature films, and one for documentaries) consisting of competent connoisseurs of filmmaking and sharing the minimum size of 9 members. Chairs of each jury panel will have two (2) votes.

Neither of the three jury panels may include members who have been engaged in making or commercial distribution of any of the competing films. The jury panels must select winners in each of the nominated categories. The members of each jury panel agree to refrain from making public statements concerning the competing films prior to the Film Festival closing date.

The expenses relating to the stay of each of the jury panel members at the Film Festival throughout its duration, will be borne by the Film Festival.



Any and all issues and matters relating to invitation of guests, as well as to the duration and conditions of their stay, are the responsibility of and will be settled by ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival directors.

It is a requirement that each of the films on official selection has a representative present at the Film Festival.

ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival undertakes to cover its participants’ accommodation and catering expenses throughout the duration of ARCTIC OPEN’s official showings and cultural and business programs.

The Film Festival reserves the right to invite guests, journalists or experts as it sees fit and regardless of whether such guests, journalists or experts have or have not directly involved in making of the films competing for the Film Festival awards. The conditions of their stay are subject to individual agreements.

The Film Festival is free to invite distinguished workers of culture, filmmaking or performing arts, or political or business community members as it deems fit.

The Film Festival may, at any time and without giving reasons, withdraw accreditation of any of the individuals it has accredited for participation and thereby limit their access to the Film Festival’s activities.

The term for accrediting requests from the media is to be specified by the ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival separately.



For the purposes of media coverage of the Film Festival, the media are requested to email their applications for journalist accreditation to the Film Festival’s press center’s address: We accept accreditation requests from October 25 to November 25, 2019. The terms of journalist participation in the Film Festival are subject to mutually agreed arrangement.

The Film Festival may at its sole discretion cover, fully or partially, the invited journalists’ accommodation and catering expenses. In case of full coverage, the Film Festival does not issue journalists with invoices and payment documents.

Journalists whose accommodation and catering expenses are covered by the Film Festival agree to attend all of the press conferences and film showings on the Film Festival’s program.

The Film Festival reserves its right to deny journalist accreditation without giving reasons.

The Film Festival reserves its right to deny journalist accreditation without giving reasons.

The Film Festival may, at any time and without giving reasons, withdraw accreditation of any journalist it has accredited for participation and thereby limit their access to the Film Festival’s activities.



The accreditation cards will be issued to the accredited guests, media, and film entrepreneurs at the Film Festival’s main office during registration hour on day one of ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival.



Winners of the Film Festival will be awarded with statuettes, special prizes, diplomas, or valuable presents.

ARCTIC OPEN’s award nominations list includes

Official selection:

Best Full Length Feature Film

Best Short Feature Film

Best Documentary

Best Feature Length Film Director

Best Feature Length Film Scriptwriter

Best Feature Length Film Camerawork

Best Short Feature Film Director

Best Short Feature Film Scriptwriter

Best Short Feature Film Camerawork

Best Documentary Director

Best Documentary Camerawork

Best Documentary Script

and Special prizes from sponsors:

Arctic As It Is (an award from the Russian Arctic National Park);

Honorable Mention; and

Best Contribution to the Russian Filmmaking Industry

The Film Festival jury may resolve on extra nominations subject to approval from the Film Festival



By participating in the Film Festival you agree with all sections of these Regulations.

ARCTIC OPEN reserves its right to amend the program of the festival. In the event a dispute arises with respect to these Regulations, the Regulations in Russian will supersede their English translation. ARCTIC OPEN will not be liable for claims relating to copyright or any associated rights.

All films submitted for pre-selection are not subject to return to owner.


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