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 Некоторые картины представят сами авторы!  



Короткометражный игровой фильм «НУРЕХ»/NOOREH

2018 / India / drama/22 min/6+ / Director Ashsih Pandey

A small village near the border between Kashmir (India) and Pakistan has often been in the middle of crossfire. One night, eight-year old Nureh wakes up to find that the bloody war stops for as long as she keeps her eyes open and resumes every time she closes them.

My name is Petya KADR (8)


Короткометражный игровой фильм «МЕНЯ ЗОВУТ ПЕТЯ»

2019 / Russia / Melodrama / 15 min. / 12+ / Director Daria Binevskaya

A mother and her two small children are taken to an infectious diseases hospital one night in winter. One bizzare encounter in the hospital will change the mother’s life forever.

Фильм представит режиссер Дарья Биневская



Короткометражный игровой фильм « ТЕОРЕМА»

2019 / Russia/19 min. / 16+ / Director Nikolai Flotsky

A misty morning on the White Sea coast. A lonesome fisherman comes across a woman lying unconscious on the shore and decides to take her home. Fascinated by her beauty, he behaves as inexperienced as a child trying to get her to like him. But no matter how tender he can be the woman leaves anyway in search for a new path for herself.

Фильм представит режиссер Николай Флотский



Короткометражный игровой фильм «РЕКА»

Russia / drama / 19min. / 12+ / Director Dmitry Davydov


Фильм представит оператор Иван Семенов



Короткометражный игровой фильм «ТОПЛИВО»

2019 / Russia / Fiction / 24 min. / 12+ / Director Mikhail Arkhipov

Stalled tractor engine makes its operator set out on the search for fuel. Around him is desolation, wild grass and winds. In his attempt to get fuel for his machine, he faces the merciless nature. His discovery of energy marks the beginning of the 20th century.

Фильм представит режиссер Михаил Архипов



Короткометражный игровой фильм «ВЫСТРЕЛ»

2019 / Russia / 36 min. / 12+ / Directors: Vakhtangi Khubutia, Igor Krasnikov

Max, who is finally back home, finds himself in a whirl of events that force him to make a controversial decision.

Фильм представит режиссер Игорь Красников

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